Starting Lineup Figures

Starting Lineup action figures are collectable toys of sports stars from baseball, football, basketball, hockey, boxing, track & field, skating, soccer, and golf.

Starting Lineup figures are a great collectible for any fan of sports. Collecting these sports action figures can be a fun, interesting hobby for you. Starting Lineups were created by Kenner in 1987, and the first Starting Lineup action figures were released in 1988. In the late 1990's, the Hasbro Company purchased Kenner and merged all Kenner toys into the Hasbro line. Starting Lineup figures were manufactured and marketed until 2001, when the Hasbro company discontinued production of the Starting Lineup brand. Today, many Starting Lineups are considered nice collectors items.

I've made this site to showcase a few articles and some information about Starting Lineup figures, but also maybe a few other sports action figure sets as well. If you're looking to buy or sell Starting Lineups, the best place to start is probably on eBay (Click Here).

Some people decide they want to collect just their favorite players Starting Lineup figures, while other collectors try to build complete sets of Starting Lineups from various years, such as a complete run of 1988 Baseball. With the internet, there are numerous resources available and collectors have easier access than ever before to finding the action figures they’re looking for.

People have been collecting sports action figures for years, and in many cases the value of some action figures increases, especially on rare or complete collections of action figures. However, you should never look at these items as investments. You should collect Starting Lineup figures strictly for the enjoyment of them.

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